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锡拉丘兹 Abroad

Where will you go?

Take your education global with one of the most established and highly respected international study programs in the nation. The world won’t wait. Why should you?

Student wearing 锡拉丘兹 University scarf outside of a building in Florence.

Program Selector Tool

Maybe you know you want to study Spanish, you’re just not sure where. Perhaps you want to compare study abroad programs within Australia or in the Middle East, or find programs where you can fulfill requirements toward multiple majors, or gain experience in a specific field. Refine your options according to the criteria of your choice.

Three students wearing 锡拉丘兹 University tee shirts sit together in front of the London Bridge.

Why 锡拉丘兹 Abroad?

Students from all over the world choose 锡拉丘兹 Abroad for its academic excellence, unique programming and dedicated faculty and staff.

As a top-ranked study abroad organization, 锡拉丘兹 Abroad offers flexible study options and generous financial aid so you can build the knowledge and skills that will help you succeed anywhere.

Market street in Strasbourg, France.

Semester Programs

Spending a semester abroad lets you explore a new country and culture deeply, with personalized and familiar University support on hand.

Students interact with each other in an avenue in Florence.

Short-Term Programs: Summer and Academic Breaks

In addition to full semester programs, 锡拉丘兹 Abroad offers summer programs and one- to three-week programs at various times of the year.

Students on a walking tour through the center of Madrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us address some common misconceptions about study abroad and answer your questions.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Broaden Your Horizons. Regardless of the academic program you choose, study abroad shifts your perception of the world and enhances your global understanding.
  • World Ready. 职业生涯 Ready. Your global study experience will open doors and employment options. Increasingly, companies and organizations seek to hire 人 who understand international perspectives and know how to work effectively across cultures, navigate new challenges and engage with a global community.
  • Discover what’s on the other side of your comfort zone. With 锡拉丘兹 Abroad you build lifelong connections and friendships. And you don’t just learn about a new place—you grow your independence and expand your potential.

Study abroad is a great cultural experience—it gets you out of your comfort zone with foods, 语言, 人, even with sports.

—Cameron McKeon ’23

Connect with 锡拉丘兹 Abroad through general advising sessions or program appointments. Drop-in or schedule a virtual or in-person advising session at 锡拉丘兹Abroad@Bird Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. 到5点.m. Or, schedule an appointment to meet with a 锡拉丘兹 Abroad program advisor. View all advising options View all advising options.